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Shown here are nine photos from an expedition sponsored by George Palmer Putnam in 1926 to Greenland for the American Museum of Natural History and the University of Michigan. On this voyage Donald Bartlett Wilcox, born in Brigus, NF in 1904, sailed as cook's assistant and deckhand.

Interestingly, Reginald, Donald's brother, worked for Pathe News Service and sailed with Capt. Bob on numerous trips. The Pathe News Reels preceeded the feature films in movie houses across the country in the 1930s and 40s.

The Morrissey in drydock in New York Harbor prior to a trip to Greenland. This when the Morrissey received her first engine. Prior to this time propulsion was by sail alone.
Mr. Donald Wilcox (Bill's father) on deck while serving as cook's assistant and deckhand. His mother, Emma Bartlett, was first cousin to Bob Bartlett.
The Morrissey on the beach somewhere in Greenland for repairs after a grounding.
Capt. Bob Bartlett in a hard-hatted diving suit for inspecting the hull of the Morrissey.
Capt. Bob coming up after the inspection.
The Morrissey in rough following seas.
The crew out on the pack ice somewhere beyond Davis Straits.

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