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Date: Thursday, August 3, 2000
Time: 1500 EDT

This was the 9th day of the Maritime Mathematics Summer Institute for Teachers offered jointly by Bridgewater State College, Southeast PALMS Coalition and the Schooner Ernestina Commission. The first five days took place at BSC and this week is in New Bedford. Two days are aboard the schooner with three days ashore at Ernestina's office/museum.

The day started with rain so we stayed at the dock for a round of stations. There were two navigation stations with teachers developing fixes and looking at tide current calculations while another station looked at water quality for comparison to one later in the day out in Buzzards Bay (the disolved oxygen was significantly lower in the harbor and the salinity was consistantly 28 ppt indicating the fresh water runoff). Up forward we used scales and weights to examine the mechanical advantage of block and tackle systems including a Spanish burton and a 2x2 handy billy.

By late morning we got underway with sail setting, plankton tow and navigation. After lunch we sailed back in to the harbor with another round of stations going focusing on water quality, plankton and introduction to the sextant.

We'd like to thank Cara Streck, Frank Juliano and Ron Norsworthy from Bridgewater State College and Paul Anthony, Dave Small and Mary Ann McQuillan for their role in this institute and partnership.

This evening we sailed out from 7-9pm with a group of doctors convened by Dr. Ron Bogusky and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. After a nice reception ashore at Ernestina's Museum arranged by Janine Gordon, the ship left the dock for a cruise. Winds were light and so the amount of under sail alone time was limited but the wether came through beautifully!

Wind: SW Force 3
Visibility: Fair in occasional rain

Captain: Willi Bank
Program Coordinator: Inette Rex

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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