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Date: Sunday, September 3, 2000
Time: 1600 EDT

Here we are for the Gloucester Schooner Race once again! This year we find extremely light winds and a flood current keeping most of the racing fleet of schooners moving backward with the tide. You can see the green track that is the start of the race coming out from the inner harbor and crossing the start line off Eastern Point well after the starting gun. The start was precisely at 1100. Schooner Ernestina was the second vessel over the start line at about 1430.

The upper chart image shows the schooner finally stemming the tide toward the mark (red flag) as the wind had gone easterly enough and strengthened for a solid starboard tack. We rounded the mark just after the Alabama and sailed down wind for the finish line to overtake her and come in just ahead of Californian. Close finish though! The Californian was closing fast and might have had us with another quarter mile.

A special part of the day was the dedication to fishermen lost at sea by Clarence Rudolf and Jeff Hynes. A wreath was put over the side and a moment of silence was observed. Both men have a long fishing history in their families. The Ernestina provided a backdrop to a similar dedication taking place ashore led by Joe Garland and Linda Greenlaw as guest speaker at the "Fishermen's Statue."

Schooner Ernestina had her dories over with Willi Bank, Peter Marshall, Chris Newlan and Phil Smith giving it their all to stem the tide. Peter Berger even tried an oar out through the freeing port for an extra edge. It gave us that 150 feet on the Californian we needed at the finish!

Wind: light NE'ly
Visibility: Good

Captain: Amanda Madeira
Program Coordinators: Crista Mellican

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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