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Date: Saturday, October 20, 2001

St. Margarets McTernan School
Three-day Program transiting from Newport to Fall River and finishing in New Bedford

Today's sail from Newport to Fall River ended in Fall River at Battleship Cove where some students spent the night.

Written by A watch – the Antibiotics
Andrew Mello
Joseph Panza
Robert Patenge
Kurt Sollanek
Brendan Stumpf

We met Mike and got into our groups, there was much rejoicing. Mike quickly taught us the tricks of the trade so we could get on to climbing the bowsprit and the rigging - harnessed in of course. After some apprehension we climbed onto the bowsprit. At first it was scary but we quickly learned how to maneuver on the bowsprit, it was totally sweet. We then learned how to tie some awesome knots. Then later in the day we went back on the bowsprit and the only scary part was when the ropes almost broke, this was right after this kid Andrew got on. Mike was proud of us all and he thought it was all very funny. Then we docked at Fall River right next to the battleship Massachusetts. We ate dinner and went to our respective places to sleep. We had an awesome time on the destroyer where we slept, it was awesome but the food wasn’t. On the Ernestina the food rocks and the cook rules. The next day we set out bright and early for Newport.

Written by B watch – the Where’s Ben group?????
Ben Smith
Sarah Westby
Erica Guralnick
Shaun Slight
Andrew Duncan

Our group’s favorite day aboard the Ernestina was the first day, Saturday. The first time we put up the sails was a great experience because it was new to all of us and it helped us work as a team. The next thing we did was go on watch. Since we were the first group to go on watch we got to set the tone for each station. The best part of watch was navigating the boat. It gave us a feeling of power and total control, which we all enjoyed. The food was also really good. After we sailed for a while we went on an old WWII battleship. Half of us slept on the Ernestina and the other half stayed on a small destroyer next to the battleship. The bunks on the Ernestina were much more comfortable than the ones on the battleship. We had a lot of fun especially the first day on the Ernestina and we learned a lot about the sailing and the ship’s history.

Captain: Doug Nemeth
Program Coordinator: Crista Mellican

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

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