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Date: Sunday, October 21, 2001

St. Margarets McTernan School
Three-day Program transiting from Newport to Fall River and finishing in New Bedford

Today's sail was from Fall River back to Newport where meals were prepared at the Seaman's Church Institute and where some students stayed the night. We sincerely appreciate the generocity and flexibility of the SCI!

The charts to the right show the departure from Fall River and the transits of the ship in the lower Bay. (The blue track is really Monday morning and the start of tomorrow's log)

Written by C watch – the Carni Folk
Travis Woodside
Tai Spargo
Catherine Blume
Andrew Congdon
Will Mayo

After leaving the dock and battleship some of us had slept in, we had a beautiful day at sea. We sailed through the open waters at 8 knots. Overall we traveled 45 miles by sea. The "Carni’s" had watch from 1300 – 1600 and we did a great job of steering the fast moving vessel as well as watching out for buoys and other ships. We also swabbed the decks, which included hosing down the deck and scrubbing it clean. Will was hose happy and got us all soaked. Luckily we had all removed our shoes and socks and rolled up our pants.

We had a great lunch made by our cook Doralee. We then had classes taught by the First mate Fred and our educator Crista. We learned about tools to make the boat and marine life. Finally we landed in Newport at 1645 to eat dinner at the Seaman’s Church Institute. We had our best dinner there with lasagna, salad and cheesecake. Then we had the opportunity to perform skits using a bag of unknown materials and a stack of index cards about the Ernestina history. Some of the skits were hilarious with guys in dresses, transvestites, and other interesting ideas.

Then, after rebelling against Sabin we ran to the Pizza Plate and got pizza and soda. Then we went back to the boat and slept until we were woken up for night watches, but most of those happened really late and count as tomorrow.

Captain: Doug Nemeth
Program Coordinator: Crista Mellican

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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