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Date: Sunday, October 13, 2002
Common Threads III

Common Threads III: Capturing the Essence of the Voyage took place throughout the weekend in New Bedford. Hundreds of people came together for a full weekend of discussion and exchange. Schooner Ernestina, returned to Massachusetts as a gift from the Republic of Cape Verde 20 years ago, served as one of the activities during the conference.

We sailed from New Bedford State Pier with a light wind and drizzle but wonderful energy eminating from the weekend. A summary of the conference follows with some photos from the sail to the right.

New Bedford Whaling Museum | 18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford
6:00 PM- 7:30 PM  
  • Official Common Threads III Opening and Registration
  • George Martin Art Exhibit “A tribute for my son”
  • Registration and networking
Roosevelt Middle School | 119 Frederick Street, New Bedford MA 02744
8:30 to 9:00 AM  
  • Coffee and late registrations
9:00 to 10:30  
  • Official opening ceremony
  • Welcome by the Mayor of New Bedford, Frederick M. Kalitsz, Jr.
  • Greetings from major sponsors
  • Presentation by Maps Youth Cultural Group – Geração Jovem
  • Keynote address: Honorable Judge George Leighton and Eugenia Fortes
11:00 to 12:45  
  • Morning Workshops
1:00 to 2:00  
  • Lunch
2:15 to 3:45  
  • Afternoon Workshops
4:00 to 4:45  
  • PM Conclusions and recomendations
  • Closing address: Capeverdean Minister of Foreign Affairs Manuel I. Sousa

  • Reception and Entertainment
47, S. 6th. Street, New Bedford (tel. 508-994-0106)
9:00 AM  
  • Blessing of the voyage: Mass at our Lady of Assumption Church
  • Heritage Trail, 37 N. Second Street, New Bedford
    Starting point: The Custom House
1:00 PM  
  • Closing New Bedford Whaling Museum
2:30 - 4:30  
  • Sail on the Schooner Ernestina from Tonnessen Park
    Workshops are listed below.....
Workshop 1 Immigration issues affecting the Cape Verdean community
Co-Chairs: Cecelia Porché-Garris, Gunga Tavares
Workshop 2 Direct Private Foreign Investment in Cape Verde
Co-Chairs: Jose Figueiredo Ramos , Tony Lima

Abstract: This interactive workshop will explore the benefits and opportunities offered by the banks in Cape Verde and investment opportunities in the areas of trade, fishing, tourism, and finances. American support and protection for its citizens in the field of export/import, and investment in foreign countries will also be discussed. Representation from banks in Cape Verde will make a presentation and be on hand for questions. Representative of EXIM BANK, and/or OPIC, will make a presentation on the support and protection American government gives to its citizens that invest in foreign countries.
Workshop 3 Exploring our Grandmothers’ Journey and Our Daughters’ Future
Co-Chairs: Colleen Pina-Garron, Joanne Maniche, Darlene Spencer, Jeanne Costa

Abstract: A multigenerational panel will explore how the role of the Cape Verdean Woman has evolved from the initial voyages from the Cape Verde islands to the United States to our Cape Verdean Woman of today that live in the United States.
Workshop 4 Bridging the gap, connecting our Cape Verdean and Cape Verdean American youth to their history
Co-Chairs: Adonis Ferreira, Nicole Weeden

Abstract: The purpose of this workshop is to help our youth capture and create a sense of history as it relates to their Cape Verdean heritage. This skillfully crafted interactive workshop will explore the history of our people by engaging the participants in a meaningful dialogue facilitated by a multi-faceted, inter-generational group of presenters. The workshop will examine the role identity, culture, language, and independence has played in our history and in the formation of Cape Verdeans in the Diaspora. The goal for the youth is to be able to process this information and gain ownership of the knowledge.
Workshop 5 Improving the educational environment for Cape Verdean Americans.
Co-Chairs: Christina Ajemian, Gunga Tavares

Abstract: The Education Workshop will encompass improving the educational environment for Cape Verdean Americans. Access to high quality educational opportunities, understanding MCAS and its potential impact on Cape Verdean Communities and the discouragement of youths by schools and school systems will be explored to ascertain where impediments to improving the educational environment are evident. The nature and causes of those impediments will be discussed with an eye toward possible strategies for eliminating barriers and instituting constructive initiatives.
Workshop 6 Unity and Nationalism, a Definition of the Capeverdean Nation
Chair: Salah O. Matteos

Abstract: This workshop will focus on bringing together the immigrant Cape Verdean population and the American born Cape Verdean. The workshop will explore the definition of a Cape Verdean.
Workshop 7 Understanding and accessing the political system to effect changes in our community
Co-Chairs: Denise Porché, Tony Lima

Abstract: The purpose of this workshop is to provide tools and practical strategies for community mobilization efforts within the Cape Verdean Community that will impact local and state governments and will provide opportunities for changes in the community. The challenge is to effectively guide the Cape Verdean community towards greater civic participation and to a more sustained political presence in our society. Participants will hear about the challenges and successes of mobilization and the political process, as well as learn about specific strategies to improve conditions in the Cape Verdean community.
Workshop 8 Celebrating Cape Verde through art- a Children’s workshop
Co-Chairs- Sheila Duarte Andrade & Darlene Spencer

Captain: Gregg Swanzey
Program Coordinator: Steve Kirk

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

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