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Ross School
Overnight Program
September 23-24, 2003

Greenport, Long Island, NY

This morning we awoke to blustery weather and foreboding clouds.  At 0930 students from the Ross School boarded the Ernestina for a 24 hour program.  Over the next three days, the entire 9th grade class will come aboard the Ernestina to take part in our life onboard.  This will help them kick off a unit on exploration back in the classroom.

This morning’s strong winds continued to blow us onto the dock and we were forced to wait out the gale for a predicted wind shift.  During the morning, students learned how to do a boat check, worked on some navigation, and learned the basics of sail theory.  Morning showers drove us below decks and after lunch and some art projects we were finally able to get off the dock.  We quickly worked together to raise the fore and the jumbo and headed out into Gardiners Bay.

Throughout the afternoon, the different watches stood watch, learned knots, climbed out onto the bow sprit, and learned about simple machines.  The sky cleared and we had a wonderful sail.  Just before anchoring, everyone onboard took some time to reflect and appreciate the time around them with a silent sail and some journaling.  We dropped the anchor right before dinner and enjoyed a great meal on the hook off of Sammy’s beach.

Evening program consisted of a medley of shipboard life, stories, and astronomy.  During the night, students stood watch in pairs along with a crew member, and got an additional chance to look at the stars under a clear night sky.  We awoke at 0600 to a spectacular sunrise and hauled back the anchor right away, getting underway for Greenport.

Captain: Sophie Morse
Program Coordinator: Gretchen Stuppy


We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

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