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2003 Sailing Crew ~ Dockside at New Bedford State Pier

2002 Sailing Crew ~ Dockside at New Bedford State Pier

2001 Staff ~ Office at 89 North Water Street, New Bedford


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Sorry we didn't get everyone in but below is a listing of year 2003 staff, interns and apprentices... Just follow the links to individual bios from the full roster below~ You can read about staff onboard from past years by just clicking here....


Sailing Season 2003 Staff

Gregg Swanzey   Executive Director
Annie McDowell Accountant
Laurie Weitzen   Human Resource Coordinator and Steward
Polly Zajac   Shore-Based Program Coordinator
Willi Bank   Captain
Amanda Madeira Captain
Sophia Morse   Captain
Douglas Nemeth   Relief Captain
Steven Kirk   Relief Mate/Onboard Program Coordinator
Patrick Merrill   Relief Onboard Program Coordinator
Rhonda Moniz Onboard Program Coordinator
Kristen Sharpless Onboard Program Coordinator
Gretchen Stuppy   Onboard Program Coordinator
Jay Amster AB
Ken Cabral   Relief Steward
Ben Carlson Engineer
Adam Clark Deckhand
Traudi Coli Anthropologist/Educator
Pierre Cornell Steward
Chris Deely   Deckhand
Erin Deering Steward
Jed Deering Chief Mate
Martina Deering   Relief Steward
Lizzy Grubin   AB
Heidi Herendeen Mate
Kate Huber Steward
Anne Kittler Deckhand
Alison LaFerriere Deckhand
Amanda Lake Chief Mate
Kathryn Lindsey   Deckhand
Liz Maloney   Chief Mate
Gwen Matuszek AB
Alan Morse   Deckhand
Randy Swimmer
Indu Soini   Deckhand
Fred Sterner Chief Mate
Steve Swift   Engineer
Robert T. Ursusarcturis   Winter Caretaker/Historian
Katie Deprato   Intern
Sam Dreeben Apprentice
Sara Marcks   Apprentice
Ben Spivak Apprentice
If you are curious about staff onboard from past years, you can go to an archive by just clicking here....

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